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Discovering Balance specializes in counseling school age children and adults. 

Anxiety and Stress

Normal life includes some anxiety and stress.  Sometimes this anxiety and stress lingers,  creating overwhelming feelings that may interfere with your daily life. At Discovering Balance we will utilize evidence based practices to help you learn how to control your worries and alleviate anxiety and stress. 


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

We are proficient in trauma informed care and are ready to help you develop an individual plan for treatment. You are guaranteed empathetic and confidential help to cope with your trauma.

BIPOC and Marginalized Communities

We recognize the need for individualized treatment for members of the BIPOC community of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, marginalized communities and the LGBTQIA2S+ community.  We have specialists with several years of experience working with the BIPOC community, treating co-occurring mental health diagnoses and intellectual disabilities. In addition to supporting individuals with disabilities our team specializes in supportive counseling services for family members and care providers of those with developmental or acquired disabilities.

College Students and Young Adults

College and young adulthood can be stressful considering the balancing act of academics, family demands, employment, and personal relationships. Sometimes you need a little help navigating these changes. At Discovering Balance we can help you mentally, emotionally and socially make the transition from who you are to who you want to be.



You do not have to struggle with feelings of depression or anger.  We can provide you with evidence based strategies and treatment to help you find relief for these symptoms.

Life Transitions

Life changes are inevitable and even positive changes can bring a level of increased stress. Whether it’s a new marriage, birth of a baby, job change, the beginning or ending of a relationship, or a retirement; transitions can be difficult. Partnering with a therapist can help you influence personal growth and deal with change successfully. Your therapist will help you develop the skills to feel stronger, more confident, and better prepared for what comes next in life.

ADHD Assessment, Treatment and Consulting

We provide evidence based testing and treatment for ADHD and ADD. Meet with our experienced therapists to complete an assessment and treatment plan for a diagnosis. We will coordinate your care by consulting with your school, primary care physician or psychiatrist as needed.

Children and Teens

Our therapists will implement support that is tailored to help your child, adolescents or family. Areas of treatment include school related concerns, challenging life situations, emotional distress, behavioral disorders, and acute mental illness.

Caregiver Stress

Caring for others can often leave us feeling burned out emotionally and drained. You may be feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or experiencing increased stress symptoms. We want you to know that you are not alone. We would love to help you develop strategies to relieve stress and begin to nurture yourself enough to sustain thru the care giving process.


The grieving process is different for everyone. Our individualized approach to treatment will help you secure the support and education you need to get through this difficult time.

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